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Argus 1000 Infrared Spectrometers

Argus IR SpectrometerArgus 1000 is an affordable miniature, infrared spectrometer with integrated optics for remote sensing applications, including environment monitoring and process control. The spectrometer operates in the near infrared band 1000 nm to 1700 nm (standard range), (or up to 2400 nm in the extended range version). The device uses an InGaAs detector array of approximately 100 illuminated elements that is actively cooled. Flown in space, the ruggedized spectrometer units have a mass of less than 220g. Our comprehensive user manual describes everything you need to know to integrate an Argus with your platform. Take advantage of our new pricing to purchase heritage space technology today.

The award winning device includes a microcomputer that controls the instrument's components and communicates data using a simple serial link and protocol. Available off-the-shelf the instrument comes equipped with standard enhanced aluminum optics or high-performance gold optics. Read the instrument's technical specifications or contact Thoth to order. Thoth's experienced personnel will be pleased to assist in quickly obtaining all necessary Canadian export licenses. 

Argus 1000 Product Range

Item Features Stock No. Price* CAD$


Argus 1000 standard grade Aluminum optics ARGUS1000A $22,990 Email  
Argus 1000 standard kit 1000A + kit ARGUS1000AK


Argus 1000 high performance Gold optics ARGUS1000G $28,100 In stock
Argus 1000 high performance kit 1000G + kit ARGUS1000GK


In stock
Argus 1000 UAV grade Certified for UAV platforms ARGUS1000N $38,100 In stock
Argus 1000 UAV grade kit 1000N + kit ARGUS1000NK $45,800 In stock
Argus 1000 space grade Space certified ARGUS1000S $43,200 Email  
Argus 1000 space grade kit 1000S + kit ARGUS1000SK


Argus 1000E extended range, space grade  Extended range, space certified ARGUS1000EK


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